Xcel Team

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Xcel was created by USAG for gymansts who want more out of gymnastics than a recreational program can provide but are unable to make the commitment required for traditional team. Our Xcel program is built on hard work and opportunity for achievement and provides an opportunity to experience competetive gymnastics. Teamwork, cofidence, strength, flexibility, and competitive values are all encouraged in Xcel.

 Xcel is broken down into 5 competitive levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These levels allow the gymansts to train the appropriate skills for their ability but also allow the gymanst to work and perform in the direction of their strengths. The coaches at Go For It USA are commited to developing happy, health and confident athletes.  To ensure this goal is achieved, each gymanst competes in the level in which she can perform the required skills and routines with a high level of proficiency and confidence.           

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