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The boys’ competitive program at Go For It USA is committed to pursuing excellence at all levels of competition.  We encourage all athletes to strive to be the best within themselves, every member of the team is important and will be coached to be the best that he can be.  Our program values determination, teamwork, discipline, and integrity.  These qualities are valuable in sports and in life.  The boys’ team currently includes levels 4 – elite.  In the past 7 years, we have produced two National Developmental Team members, a Junior National Team member, and numerous state, regional, and national champions.  Boys from our program have received scholarships and continued to compete in NCAA programs.  We’ve also had many boys that have continued on to careers in Cirque du Soleil, and other acrobatic performing opportunities.

                                   Perfector Boys’ Team Captains

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 Congratulations to all of the qualifiers to the Men's Region 1 Championships!

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