Girls Recreational

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Go For It USA offers Fun Flippers classes for beginners ages 6-8 and 9-12. Girls will learn introductory skills on floor and vault one week, and bars and beam the next.  Strength and flexibility training are also introduced at this level. Basic trampoline, mini-trampoline and Tumble Trak lessons add to the fun! Girls are encouraged to bring their personal best to each class, and the atmosphere is one of fun and accomplishment. Following Fun Flippers, girls can progress to our High Rollers intermediate classes, where instructors will build on skills already learned, as well as introducing new skills. Strength and flexibility are further developed at this level.  From High Rollers, girls are able to continue on to our Twisters and Twisters 2 advanced classes, where they will continue thier skill progression and prepare for our age group pre-team and team opportunities. Safety, hard work, and life skills such as posture, confidence, and persistence are all emphasized in our recreational program for girls. Come let your daughter find out what she can do!

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